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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kawaii nails

Next week I am FINALLY going to 2 places I have wanted to go for years: Singapore and Tokyo. Singapore for the food, because I love to eat just about anything. And Tokyo, for, well everything. We planned our trip around Tokyo Nail Expo, which is the weekend after Thanksgiving. I first fell in love with Asia during a trip to Hong Kong in 2008. I learned many of my gel techniques there during that trip.
The Japanese are extremely into nails, and NO I do not mean the little discount nail salons on every corner. Totally different. Japanese Nailists are into glitter nails, 3-D, gems, charms, bows, chains, dangles, Hello Kitty nails, everything cute and sweet, well they put them on nails. And going to a Japanese nail trade show? I've already mentally spent 3 month's rent. Can't wait to share what tips, tricks, trends and fun goodies I bring back to share!

Want to see more? Just google Kawaii Nails. wow.

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