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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kawaii nails

Next week I am FINALLY going to 2 places I have wanted to go for years: Singapore and Tokyo. Singapore for the food, because I love to eat just about anything. And Tokyo, for, well everything. We planned our trip around Tokyo Nail Expo, which is the weekend after Thanksgiving. I first fell in love with Asia during a trip to Hong Kong in 2008. I learned many of my gel techniques there during that trip.
The Japanese are extremely into nails, and NO I do not mean the little discount nail salons on every corner. Totally different. Japanese Nailists are into glitter nails, 3-D, gems, charms, bows, chains, dangles, Hello Kitty nails, everything cute and sweet, well they put them on nails. And going to a Japanese nail trade show? I've already mentally spent 3 month's rent. Can't wait to share what tips, tricks, trends and fun goodies I bring back to share!

Want to see more? Just google Kawaii Nails. wow.


In addition to doing nails freelance for private clients and photo shoots, I will be spending my weekends at a gorgeous new salon in Tribeca, called TenOverTen. tenoverten is NOT the usual NYC manicure joint. In fact, it just had a great writeup about it in Vogue's October issue. Check out for salon info, and click on Press to see the Vogue article yourself!

Only the best quality products, a huge range of lacquers to choose from including Chanel, Essie, OPI, RGB, and the new Uslu Airlines line. tenoverten will be the first salon in the US to carry Uslu Airlines. Be sure to come in, or at least come say hello and see the new space!

Roots and Wings, part II

August was a long month, I had decided to make the move from the suburb of Cleveland where I grew up to New York City to freelance full time. The hardest thing was telling my boss. But like I hoped, she was, and still is very supportive of my career, even if it is not in her salon anymore. I began telling my clients of my plans, and looking for nail artists to step in and take over my clientele.

I arrived to NYC late on a Sunday night with 3 suitcases: all my nail stuff, and as many clothes, shoes and toiletries I could fit in between all the bottles of nail polish :)

For the longest time I was planning on taking my career to Los Angeles. I have friends in the business there, and I hate the cold more than anything... except driving. Which is what ultimately made me choose NYC over LA. The traffic in LA is horrific and the NYC subway entertainment at rush hour cant be beat ;)

I rarely get lost on the subway anymore, and tourists (or what I would rather call them, 'travellers') frequently ask me for directions. Because I remember just last year, with all my nail stuff in tow (one large, heavy suitcase and one medium one) getting so lost on the subway, at night, alone. I was meant to go to the Lower East Side... and ended up in the Upper West Side. Not fun.

So let's just say I don't mind helping non-locals find their ways around NYC transit... because, we've all been there. And like the title says, "Roots and Wings: Remember where you came from, but know where you're going". xx

Roots and Wings

Well as you can see it has been VERY long time since I've written anything, and I don't really have a specific good reason for it! Just really SO much has happened that I didnt know where to begin.

In a nutshell: July was hectic. First I went to Atlanta to do the nails of the beautiful Cynthia Bailey for the cover of Upscale magazine. My great friend Sunii, a fashion stylist got me the gig and I can't tell you how much I admire Sunii's drive and dedication to this field.

I came home for one day to attend the Lady Gaga concert with all my best friends. Gaga is so inspiring to me, I love how she is not afraid to be herself, and, oh my God, she actually sings, and dances, and plays the piano, and writes all her own songs... the woman is a God(dess) in my eyes. I love how she stands up for those who may have been picked on in school, because I know all to many people that were as well.

The next morning (after 45 minutes of sleep) I was off again to the airport to Miami fashion week. It was Swim 2011 season, and the designers were showing off all the adorable, sexy, and gorgeous swimwear thst would be the trend for next summer. We did about 8 shows with the great M2M team!

After I got home from Miami I took a secret day trip to New York. I was interviewing with my agency... and they signed me! Artists by Timothy Priano is the only agency I was really interested in, and the only one I even interviewed with.