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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Intro

At home, in Ohio, I'm called a Nail Tech. In NYC and LA, I'm a Manicurist. Whatever you call it, I do nails. In Ohio, I do nails full-time at the greatest salon on the planet, Jenniffer & Co. A few times a year (or lately, a few times a month), I find myself on either coast doing nails for fashion weeks, editorial photo shoots, magazine covers and an occasional celebrity.

This blog is written to help people that are not familiar with my career become more familiar with it and what I do when I'm away from home and "on set".

I used to hate "blogs". They seemed a pointless waste of time to make your diary public. Well this is NOT a "diary". I'm not going to walk you step-by-step through my day. I'm not going to tell you I woke up at 8am,, ate 3 bowls of cheerios and went to yoga where I fell over in downward dog.

This is predominntly about my freelance career. I have had many questions about how to do what I do, and lots of people that aren't "in the biz" don't understand what I do. This is designed to clear all of that up. Yeah there will be some personal bits here and there. But not a ton :)

I also wanted to tell you that I am not receiving any payment from any of the companies, business or people I am naming.

So read this a little at a time, all at once, whatever. I'll be as specific as I can (especially how much stuff costs, lord knows I ALWAYS want to know!) and in directions or locations of places I'm going.

Enjoy <3

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