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Sunday, May 23, 2010

In the beginning...

I have always loved working on photo shoots. I can't explain it... I love being able to have a tangible piece of art to keep and display forever. Salon work is great, especially the relationships I've built with my clients. But that work leaves the salon. Capturing my work on film is something I can have forever and ever... and share with others!

My first experience "on set" (on set with a photographer, lights, camera, action!) was in 2000. I did hair at the time and had a mutual friend named Joe that was tall, handsome and had an incredibly angular face (high cheekbones). The shoot I did of him landed in Men's Passion International, a full-page spread with my name and salon info. I think I bought 10 copies. Later it was in Process Color. I was hooked.

The next 7 years brought me a handful of shoots, all shot in-salon and some being published in trade magazines like 101 Hairstyles, Nails and Nailpro. In 2005 I stopped doing hair to focus on doing nails only... my true love since I was 12.

Soon I was realized while watching TV, movies, awards shows, runway, seeing print ads... all the models and actresses' nails were done. Usually nothing wild... sometimes just clean and buffed. SOMEONE had to do those nails... but who? I thought maybe they went to a local salon before they came to set. Boy, was I wrong!

I thought, "Why am I not doing that?" so I set off to learn more about the freelance industry.

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